Thursday, January 10, 2013

And Then She Was One...

One year ago. 365 days. A lifetime and yesterday all at once. You started out as a surprise that I didn't think that I could handle and have become an integral part of my being.

 It's scary enough to love one child. There is a saying that once you become a mother, your heart will forever walk around outside of your body. And Baby, it's scary outside. My heart aches and my stomach turns at the thought of you going through your first heartbreak, dealing with your first mean girl and generally realizing that life isn't the fairy tale that you have envisioned.

As much as I try and focus on the now and the days of childhood innocence that you have left, nights like this remind me that they are fleeting. I've tried writing you this letter for a week now. And never with dry eyes. There is so much that I want to tell you and that I want to be sure that you never forget.

But for now just now that I love you little girl. I've loved you since I dreamed you up years ago. I used to picture what my daughter would look like and here you are-big brown eyes and curls and all. You are perfect. You make every moment brighter. My heart swells with pride at your joyful spirit. To see you throw your head back and laugh with pure happiness is one of this life's greatest gifts. Cuddling with you is right up there on the list too. And seeing you with your brother is my absolute favorite. You brighten up all of our lives and you captivate the hearts of any lucky enough to be near you.
You are my beautiful little princess through and through. Whether you are one or sixty-five, I will always love you with all of my heart.

Happy birthday my sweet Princess Aria.