Saturday, August 18, 2012

Work is making me even crazier if that is possible

I haven’t really found the time to blog lately. I haven’t even really been able to write that much in the past few weeks. My job takes up most of my time nowadays and when I get home all I want to do is be with my babies. So I write here and there and even keep a notebook with me at work.

Oh and speaking of work, Tim just called me on is break and informed me that in the middle of the night, Aria woke up and instead of waking up and getting her, I began to yell at her. Apparently I was instructing her to keep her eyes at the camera and after yelling “Eyes here” for the third or fourth time I caught myself and wondered out loud what the hell I was doing.

Tim thought it was hilarious. I fear that I may be crazier than I previously thought.

Oh well…Off to spend the day with my family at the mall. Tim and I both need to buy last minute things for Junior and Trish’s wedding and the kids are getting their pictures done at Picture People. Fingers crossed they cooperate and act like they like each other for at least one picture!

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