Thursday, June 14, 2012


Hi, I’m new here.  This is my first go at blogging and I’m very nervous. Writing is something that is sacred to me and that I hope will play a big part in my life. If dreams do come true, one day I will support my family with my writing. I’ve been told a few times now that if that is something that I am serious about then I should start a blog.

First thing that I’m nervous about: That no one will care about what I have to say. But then again who cares if no one cares? I’ll write for me and if I’m very lucky, something that I have to say will resonate with someone somewhere.

Next thing that I’m nervous about: That this blog is going to be a mess because I am not in the least bit computer savvy. Slowly I will be cleaning everything up and making things pretty. But for now I just hope that my thoughts are enough.

I have big hopes for this blog and for my future. Feel free to join me in my journey.

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