Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Mom That I Am

I secretly hope that the words movies (moobies), cereal (cerolls) and love (yove) are never pronounced correctly.

I crawl into a toddler sized bed that leaves my back and neck aching for nighttime cuddles while reading Goodnight Moon and breathing in his just bathed smell.

I make up ridiculous songs and sing them painfully out of tune just to see her little round face light up with a smile that melts my heart.

I sometimes need to choke back tears when I hear him say “That’s pretty cool, huh Mama?” because hearing my baby excitedly say those words to me is a constant stinging reminder that my baby isn’t a baby anymore.

I forget all about my messy hair, under eye circles and extra pudge when he smiles up at me and says “So pretty Mama”.

I put all the criticism out of my mind when she cries and I pick her up and cuddle just because she wants too because I know soon enough, she won’t sit still long enough for hugs and kisses.

Even at my weakest and most exhausted, I am never at a loss for words when defending my children.

In my heart, my babies will never be too heavy or burdensome to carry.

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